Sandra Pascual

My name is Sandra, I’m from Strasbourg in France and addicted to cakes … and … macaroons and cupcakes … and Asian cuisine … and … and … In short I am completely Cuisine Addict.

Since childhood, I’ve got my hands in flour and devote myself to my passion for cooking in general and especially baking. Choco-holic, addicted to sweet and completely dependent on  cupcakes, I devote myself to my addiction on this blog since early 2009. From a small collection of recipes, the blog eventually grow and welcomes my culinary delusions, my trials and my pastry dishes everyday.

Here and there (when I do not feel like cooking ^^) you will find my good plans for restaurant in my region, Alsace, but also a little bit everywhere, where the wind has carried me and where good kitchen smells have tickled my nose :)

Some product testing, utensils or mood tickets, in short this is my little home where I welcome you with pleasure and I hope you will feel comfortable and will find delicacies you looking!



To answer a frequently asked question: I am equipped with a Canon 550D SLR with a 50mm F1.8 for my food photos. I take my pictures in my kitchen, in a very small space not equipped for this (I move the microwave for every shooting ^^) and always in natural light.

Edit June 2014: My growing passion for photography, I am newly fitted with a beautiful more professional SLR to improve myself. Photos are now taken with a Canon 5D Mark III with a macro lens Canon EF 100mm f / 2.8 L.


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Food background - © Shutterstock

Food background – © Shutterstock