Leek, Bacon and Grana Padano Pie

Leek is really a vegetable that I like: whether in aromatic garnish to bring taste, in soups or as a main vegetable, there are thousand and one ways to accommodate it! Add to this that it is economical and very healthy, it would be wrong to deny it!

Tarte poireau hiver - Sandra Pascual-9043

The winter leek arrives in October and is easily recognized because it is almost entirely white but longer and thicker than his little brother primeur leek ;) but the difference ends there and they are both rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

So, I suggest you make good and beautiful pie, not difficult to achieve for two pennies and that will certainly please everyone !! I married the winter leek with grilled bacon and a Grana Padang cream for a full of flavors pie ;)


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